Admin Markets rewarded one of the investors with a ticket to the FIFA World Cup 2018 opening game between Russia and Saudi Arabia as a result of the company’s World Cup Lottery draw. The winner of the lottery, Joseph Krausman, and one of his friends had chance to watch opening ceremony and first game of the tournament between Russia and Saudi Arabia at Luzhniki Stadium.

Admin Markets added to the MetaTrader platform 2 new US shares, that had their IPO recently launched. Popular digital music platform Spotify (SPOT) and file hosting service Dropbox (DBX) are now added to Admin Markets’ MetaTrader platform.

Admin Markets New Year Lottery Draw results are out. The shuffle was conducted at the presence of a registered notary on 9th January, 2018.

Prizes and Winners

Mercedes CLA 200
380039 Thomas Hudson – Germany

iPhone X
383485 Zoe Rogers – UK
386038 Honorata Nowicka – Polish
408399 Selim Bektaş – Turkey
386346 Shahirah Suhayr Mustafa – UAE
381095 Abdul-Muhyi Ja’far Sabbagh – Saudi Arabia

iPad 4
407914 Khalisah Reema Essa – UAE
379529 Mehmet Efesoy – Turkey
380040 Umayyah Yushua Nassar – Jordan
382721 Cengiz Soylu – Turkey
384261 Modest Ankudinov – Russia
379954 Michael Bowen – UK
394814 Emre H. Erturk – Turkey
397910 Dominic Whitehead – UK
400489 Josef Kahoun – Czech
382112 Hamza Kotil – Turkey

Admin Markets was happy with the attention of its clients for the draw and promised to make it next year as well.

The prizes are going to be delivered within 3 months. The equivalent dollar amount will be deposited to the winner’s account in the case the winner requests.

Admin Markets introduced Turkish language option on its web site in addition to English and Arabic in order to facilitate account opening and marketing operations for Turkish speaking clients.

Admin Markets, which is offering leveraged forex trading services to investors in several regions since 2011, is now preparing to open an office in Japan. We are proud to announce that Admin Markets has successfully completed legal and operational procedure to initiate its presence in Asian continent with its Tokyo Office on Feb 5th, 2018.

Following the growing popularity and demand from investors, Admin Markets added cryptocurrencies Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and Ripple to the instrument list in MetaTrader platform. Admin Market clients are now able to invest in those four prominent cryptocurrencies by their forex trading accounts.

Admin Markets’ growth continues in European market with reaching 20.000 registered clients in April 2017.  Bran Lewis, who is the 20.000th investor, was awarded a Mercedes A180 by Admin Markets. Lewis attended the delivery ceremony with his family and said that ‘They contacted me and told me that I am the winner of the award. I was very surprised and excited at the same time’.

Admin Markets was proud to sponsor WWF’s Run for Panda Half Marathon which was organized by WWF Hungary Foundation in Budapest on 22nd April, 2017

Admin Markets awarded its 5000th client in Middle East with $10.000 cash prize. We have been investing for company awareness and expanding our operations in Middle Eastern region for last few years and have recently hit the 5000th client milestone. Salem Al-Nami from Kuwait who is the winner of the prize said that the prize was a big surprise for him and convinced him to stay as a loyal client of Admin Markets.

Admin Markets’ Head of Research Appears on Gulf States’ Media Admin Markets’ Head of Research, Antoine Comtois, represented our firm successfully during his media tour in United Arab Emirates, Qatar and Kuwait.

Admin Markets became a member of IFCOMM. IFCOMM (International Finesse Commission) is a free self-administrative association and outside debate determination body, that is devoted particularly to Forex. The IFCOMM member is also offering security to investors in finance companies. IFCOMM guarantees that merchants and specialists are getting settled in a snappy, proficient, fair-minded and valid way.

Admin Markets investors are very pleased with the advantages of being a member of IFCOMM. Many investors are opening an investment account at Admin Markets to evaluate the benefits of being a member of the IFCOMM member

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